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FloraWorks CBD Isolate is a premium ingredient, derived from top-quality, feminized hemp grown in the US. This crystalline powder boasts a remarkable 98% pure CBD content, achieved through a state-of-the-art ethanol extraction process. Our CBD isolate is THC-free, ensuring it does not induce psychoactive effects, and making it an excellent choice for a diverse range of consumer products in both wellness and recreational sectors.

Ideal for:
  • Wellness Enterprises: Optimal for companies dedicated to enhancing personal health and wellness with reliable, high-quality CBD.
  • Lifestyle and Recreational Leaders: Suitable for brands looking to infuse a calming, non-psychoactive element into their product lines.
  • Consumer Goods Innovators: Geared towards businesses eager to tap into the burgeoning demand for specialized cannabinoid products.
Key Benefits for CPG Companies:
  • Unmatched Purity: Achieves more than 98% pure CBD, ensuring superior effectiveness and consistent quality across products.
  • Ease of Integration: Our isolate can be seamlessly blended into various formulations, enriching your product range with its extensive adaptability.
Certifications and Quality Assurance:
  • Comprehensive Certifications: Our product proudly holds GMP, ISO9001, NSF and Kosher certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality.
  • Thorough Independent Testing: Subjected to strict third-party testing to ensure impeccable quality and reliability.
  • Assured THC-Free Composition: Guarantees the absence of psychoactive effects, catering to a broad audience.
CBG Physical Characteristics:


Isolate Crystalline Powder






Slightly Bitter


FloraWorks will not sell CBN or THCv to Oregon Residents

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