Introducing Paragon™

FloraWorks’ discovery platform ParagonTM  is a multifaceted approach to cannabinoid and cannabinoid-inspired drug development utilizing advanced chemical synthesis, biological assay screening, and cutting-edge computational tools.

Research and Innovation

Accelerating the path to discovery

FloraWorks is fast-tracking innovation with AI-assisted exploration. Combining new data with computational tools allows us to better understand the mechanisms by which cannabinoids act upon the body and their potential to bring about new therapies.

Merging rational-based drug design, artificial intelligence, and partnerships with academic and institutional researchers is helping us create a new generation of safe and effective therapeutics.

Breakthrough Discovery

A new paradigm in the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Collaboration with the Salk Institute of Biological Studies yields a deeper understanding of the neuroprotective properties of rare and novel cannabinoids.

Dr. Pamela Maher, who heads up Salk’s Alzheimer’s research division, has a new hypothesis for treating neurodegenerative diseases targeting a neuronal cell death pathway coined Oxytosis. This research could lead to promising new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

In the News

Our research in the news

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