Elevate Your Brand with Clinically Proven TruCBN™

TruCBN™ CBN isolate offers the first clinically validated support for sleep in a cannabinoid ingredient. Leverage TruCBN™’s proven studies to gain consumer trust, increase your sales channels, and ensure compliant marketing claims.

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Why Choose TruCBN™?

TruCBN™ is more than just an ingredient—it's a powerful sleep aid with beneficial effects you can confidently offer to your customers.

You Need Consumer Trust

92% of consumers seek products with clinical validation because they trust scientific proof over mere advertising claims.

*Source: Consumer Trends Report 2024, Citrus Labs

You Want Expanded Sales Channels

The majority of large retailers are now requiring safety and efficacy studies, only opening up shelf space for supplements with scientifically backed claims.

You Require Validated Marketing Claims

Finally a cannabinoid ingredient that can boldly make marketing claims that inspire confidence in your company and your products.

You Hold the Key to Disrupting the Sleep Aid Market

As consumers increasingly adopt cannabis and natural supplements for sleep, CBN is already reshaping the vast sleep aid market.

Simultaneously, these same consumers are demanding products backed by stringent scientific validation.

At the intersection of these trends, TruCBN™ has arrived.

As the world’s first clinically validated cannabinoid, TruCBN™ positions you to lead the disruption in the sleep aid market.

The State of the
Sleep Medications Market
61 Million
American adults regularly use Rx or OTC sleep aids
is the projected size of the US sleep aid market by 2032
of Americans use Cannabis as a sleep aid
of Americans use natural supplements for sleep
of consumers seek products with clinical validation

TruCBN™ vs. CBD: The Clear Choice for Your Products

CBD products face significant marketing challenges due to strict regulatory scrutiny by the FDA and FTC—unlike TruCBN™ which boasts clinically validated benefits and legal marketing claims.

Clinically validated
Legal marketing claims
Growing market size
Ability to differentiate

Scientific Excellence, Consumer Confidence

TruCBN™ is the culmination of extensive research and testing.

Validated by a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with over 1,000 participants, TruCBN™ was found to be as effective as traditional sleep aids like melatonin—but without the uncomfortable side effects that dissuade many consumers.

Don’t just improve sleep—transform lives. Contact us to integrate TruCBN™ into your products today.

Ready to be a first mover on TruCBN?

Your chance to disrupt a $54.7 billion market is now.

Position yourself at the forefront of this booming industry.

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