Transform your brand with TruCBN™

The over-the-counter sleep aid market is ready for disruption.

Utilize the power of clinical validation to cultivate consumer confidence, enhance brand integrity and transform the market.

Building Trust

Your Product, Backed by Scientific Research

Expand your market reach, open new retail channels and captivate new audiences with the confidence of these clinically validated claims:

TruCBN™ Offers Sleep Support

TruCBN™ Improves Sleep Quality

TruCBN™ Is Clinically Validated to Promote Better Sleep

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Unveiling the Science

The First and Only Cannabinoid Clinically Validated to Improve Sleep

In a robust placebo controlled clinical trial with over 1,000 participants, TruCBN™ has emerged as the new hope for sleepless nights.

Study highlights:

As effective as 4mg of melatonin

Demonstrated significant improvement in sleep quality at 25mg and 50mg doses

Seizing the Momentum

Transform the Craze into Credibility

Leverage the skyrocketing demand for CBN plus the power of TruCBN™ to position your brand as a disruptive market leader in sleep aid supplements.

The CBN market is estimated to have already eclipsed $500mil in just 4 years.*

CBN product sales will capture nearly 20% of the recreational edible market share in 2024

*Based on Estimates Using Headset Analytics Sales Data
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