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As the first and only clinically validated cannabinoid, TruCBN™ offers an unparalleled opportunity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to differentiate their product lines.

Exclusively available through B2B trademark licensing, TruCBN™ is an ultra-pure form of CBN that has been clinically validated to improve sleep, making it an ideal ingredient for your health and wellness products.

Our exclusive B2B licensing agreement allows your company to utilize this premium ingredient, ensuring that your products stand out in the marketplace. TruCBN™ not only promises enhanced sleep benefits but also offers a competitive edge as a differentiating factor in your products.

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Ideal for:
  • CPG companies aiming to innovate within the sleep aid sector. .
  • Brands looking to introduce new, scientifically-backed sleep products to their lineup.
Key Benefits for CPG Companies:
  • Clinically Validated Efficiency: Proven in a robust clinical trial to significantly improve sleep quality.
  • Launch-Ready: TruCBN™ is perfectly positioned for launch, offering your brand an effortless opportunity to stand out in the marketplace and attract a loyal following.
  • Assured Compliance: TruCBN™ is certified by NSF, ISO9001, GMP, and Kosher, with self-affirmed GRAS status pending—setting a new standard of excellence and trust while underlining its readiness for widespread adoption.
  • Trademark Exclusivity: Only available through a trademark licensing agreement, TruCBN™ allows your brand to command a unique market niche, enhancing your presence and competitive edge.
Certifications and Quality Assurance:
CBG Physical Characteristics:


Isolate Crystalline Powder


Opaque, White






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